Acts 22:16 And now why do you wait? Rise and be baptized!
The first thing God asks us to do once we believe and surrender our lives following Him is to be baptized. Baptism is an outward symbol of an inward change. Baptism is intended only for those who have professed faith in Jesus Christ and can give sufficient testimony to the basics of Christian beliefs. We baptize by immersion because it is not only the original significance of the word but also best symbolizes the reality to which baptism points—our death and resurrection in Christ. At Spring Place, this is something we celebrate together as a church family. If you're interested in taking this next step as a follower of Christ or have questions about what baptism could mean for your life, fill out the information below or send us your questions and we will be glad to help!

Preparing Your Personal Testimony
Read Acts 26-Biblical Example of Personal Testimony 

  1. What was Paul’s approach to Agrippa?
  2. What did Paul include in his background?
  3. How did he describe his meeting Jesus?
  4. Why should we use a personal testimony?

How to Develop Your Personal Testimony

  • Make it personal, not preachy; use “I” and “me” not “you” and “we.”
  • Follow an outline.
    1. Your life before Christ. How your life looked before you became a Christian; include how you became aware of your need for Christ.
    2. How you came to know Christ. How did you specifically became a Christian; communicate the gospel clearly and briefly; include the following:
      • The fact of sin
      • The penalty of sin
      • Jesus’ payment for sin
      • The requirement to repent and trust Jesus personally
      • The steps you took to invite Christ into your life (could have been a prayer of commitment)
    3. How Christ has changed your life. How Jesus changed your life; relate back to the areas you struggled with before conversion.
  • Clearly write out your personal testimony using the outline provided. Try to keep it between 3 to 4 minutes.
  • If you plan to read your testimony, bring it with you on the day you are going to be baptized. If you are prefer to recite or summarize it, condense your testimony to an outline and commit it to memory.

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