Becoming a Member


The best way to connect with Spring Place Baptist is to become a member. As members we partner together to serve Christ, care for one another, and commit to be held accountable to the teachings of God's word.


We do not believe the idea of church membership is outdated and unnecessary. In fact, we believe that church membership is an essential part to living out the Christian life.
Church membership is much more than just attendance. As church members we live in community together to live out God's purposes for our lives and serve together to fulfill His mission.
Membership is about making a place your church home.
It's a decision to commit to a church and the people in its community. The heart of the matter, though, isn't becoming a part of a family-it's joining a mission.
At SPBC, our mission is to reach our community and beyond with the gospel.
If you're interested in becoming a part of that mission and our family, then joining the New Members Group is your first step! The New Members Group covers what it means biblically to be a church member as well as our mission, our core values, our covenant, and what God expects of His church. This
way, you know what it means to join and what is required before you do.
​*attending this group does not obligate you to join the church.